The Walk from Los Angeles to San Francisco

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April 12!! Join us as I walk from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

I’m working on getting more sponsors and donations to help fund this event, grow Bearsun, and also to raise money to Donate to any selected non profit. Any donation will help us get closer to the finish line!

I’ll start my walk in Little Tokyo on April 12, 2021 @ 6am. The goal is to finish under a week! And reach SF by April 17! We’ll have live IG feeds, You’ll also be able to track me every step of the way by having access to my location 24/7. I won’t be staying in hotels, I’ll be camping outdoors the entire time. I’ll have a photographer meet me at 5 pin points to take pics, do video document so we can share as much as the experience with you. So donate what you can & help us get this going. Follow me on IG for daily updates @iambearsun .

Cant wait to get started! Let’s go!