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The Beginning

BEARSUN is a original Character that was created in 2016 but was kept in hibernation up until now. On April 12, 2021 on a compulsive decision I made a decision to walk from Los Angeles, CA to San Francisco, CA. Did I train for this? No. Did I think I was going to finish? Didn't really think about it, I was just enjoying the Journey. But yes, I manage to make it alive to San Francisco. It took me 13 Days! After Burning in the sun and getting lost I manage to complete the Journey.

But me being me, that wasn't enough. A week later on May 4, 2021 on another impulsive decision I began to walk from Los Angeles, CA to San Diego then to Las Vegas. It was even hotter then! Remember there was no planning at all, I just kept going for it. And yes, I didn't die again. I successfully completed my 2nd journey in 10 days! that was exciting and painful. BUTTTT, that wasn't enough for the big bear Bearsun.

Then me being me, on yet ANOTHER impulsive decision I open my mouth and announced that I was walking from Los Angeles, CA all the way to New York City, NY! This time giving myself 1 month to train. On July 5th, 2021, yes during summer, I inbarked on my 3rd and probably the biggest Journey to come for Bearsun. Words really can't explain everything that happen on that journey because it really hasn't sunked in yet. All I have to say after 134 Days, 13 States, and hundreds of people I met along the way, I successful completed my cross country walk from Los Angeles, CA to New York City on November 14, 2021. Through the struggle and pain, mentally and Physically I did it. I did it with my own 2 feet. My Journey from Los Angeles to New York City was Completed. The best part about it all, is watching everyone smile, laugh, cry, and all the stories and knowledge that was shared with me from all of you. Thank you.

"Pain & suffering in exchange for a smile." The Adventures of Bearsun Continue.

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